Create Biodiesel On The Fly At Retail Locations

Bio Blender blends biodiesel on demand.

Bio Blender creates the desired biodiesel blend on demand. Get the most return out of your storage tanks investment. Other systems blend the bio into the diesel as it is delivered to the storage tanks. This often requires the delivery driver to interact with the system and commits your inventory to a specific blend.

Our system is fully automated and requires no input from any delivery drivers. Furthermore, your storage tanks stay pure. This maximizes your storage and avoids any possible separation of products. It also allows you to adjust the desired blend at any time. The Bio Blender is suitable for use at retail locations (such as truck stops) and bulk fueling facilities.

Typical accuracies are 99.5% and up. The system is completely configurable and monitorable remotely, and can also be set up to send email alerts and updates. All diesel and bio processed are recorded to internal storage in spreadsheet .cvs format, retrievable on demand or at scheduled intervals. 

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No complicated wiring or tricky plumbing. No PLCs or lengthy calibration processes. No trouble.

Bio Blender uses custom electronics developed in-house, along with a standard variable-frequency drive, to get the job done easily and effectively.



The system monitors the flow of diesel product and streams bio directly into the diesel product line on its way to the target.

Bio Blender employs high-accuracy precision flow meters for both the diesel and bioproduct streams, enabling virtually perfect blending in all circumstances.

BioBlender Biodiesel Blending System